中英文情书互译Translation of Chinese and English Love Letters

爱要大声说出来,表白情书、浪漫情书、伤感情书、搞笑情书,中英文情书互译,让你学会怎么写情书!Love should be spoken out loud, expressing love letters, romantic love letters, hurt love letters, funny love letters, Chinese and English love letters translation, so that you can learn how to write love letters!


Love lets us meet, love lets us fall in love, love lets us fall in love, love lets us care, let me give you all my love in my lifetime.
The two luckiest things in my life: one is that time has finally exhausted my love for you; the other is that one day long ago, I met you.
The taste of happiness is a strong fragrance? Is it a sweet taste? Is it a faint fragrance? Is it intoxicating? None of them! The taste of happiness is the heartbeat when we are with you, the determination to join hands with you and to love you forever.
It was for this unexpected encounter, the impact of heart and heart that I spent the whole night “sleepless, seemingly waiting for the dawn.
Give you a cup of warm coffee, a pair of warm red gloves, a beautiful flower scarf, all the warmth you can bring in winter, dear, give you my heart!
Acquaintance with you in the vast crowd is a kind of fate. I only hope to exchange my sincerity for your true feelings.
Even if the whole world betrays you, I will stand beside you and betray the whole world.
Heart has been torn, scattered in the air, like flowers have withered, can not be retrieved.
My love lock waits for you to open, my dream waits for you to enter, my kite waits for you to pull the string, my love song waits for you to ensemble, my life waits for you to add color, my lips waits for you to kiss! I love the people come to me!
Looking at your eyes, I see the sea, the blue sky, and the beautiful future!!
A joy makes you happy every day; a greeting keeps you from worrying; a sincere not rewarding; a true feeling makes you all right; a love only makes you happy!
I didn’t feel my existence until I met you. I was reluctant to leave you, although you said so firmly…
Think of your days, months, hours, seconds and seconds, your heart moves with you, like shadow. Your smiles haunt my soul. My beloved, when can I take your hand and spend my life together?
Being with you is just that I don’t want to give anybody a chance!!
Today, I’m feverish all over. I feel burned by the fire. Do you know why? It is because of your appearance that I have two suns in my life. The sun of nature shines on me, but you burn my heart. I love you.
Falling in love with you and me is inevitable. You are in the prison of love. Love is locked around my chest all your life. Falling in love with you and me is inevitable. My heart is broken for you, and I am still infatuated with your good.
I’ve worked hard for this moment tens of millions of times, just to say something to you… I like you! vu99.com
Don’t trust me too much. Don’t open your secrets freely. Avoiding my desire to penetrate into every corner of your heart, to explore your every move, to laugh at all the connotations, but I also hope you keep a meaningful haze and mystery.
Your figure appears more and more frequently in front of my eyes. Gradually, it is like breathing, without interruption for a second, which makes me unable to eat and sleep.
The warmth of spring breeze, the coolness of summer rain, the cleanliness of autumn and autumn, the white of winter snow, the charm of the city, the brilliance of far-reaching fame, sent to you, please reply to “I love you” before you can receive this generous gift.
That night, I was drunk and took your hand. My excited lips couldn’t stop trembling. I mustered up courage for half a day, but I couldn’t say anything. I could only watch you go with my eyes open. In fact, I just wanted to say: Beauty, give me your hand!
Despite being destined for nothing, I hope that in the days to come, I can add a good memory to your memory, and through the efforts of this life, I can fulfill the feelings of the afterlife.
Whenever I am alone, whenever I am happy, I will think of you and want you to double my happiness.
Listening to you in spring, I can’t help but be fascinated. Every moment has vitality, every minute has the power of beauty, every second has your charm blooming in my heart, full of affection.
It is said that meteors are always ready to respond. I would like to wait under the stars until a star is moved by me, carrying my thoughts and blessings, and landing on your sleeping pillow. Want to hide you in the chest pocket, melt you warm, you can no longer leave, from now on, let no one else think, only to love with me alone.
In the vast sea of people, with you and me walking around, we will come together, sweet, good luck, but also our hearts, baby, let us stick to happiness, happy to the end!
Knowing that love can’t be achieved, but love is dead. Knowing that love is fruitless, love is dead and alive.
I think you have no reason to love you. In the daytime you are the sun, in the night you are the moon, in the rain you are my umbrella, in the cold you are my clothes.
This Tanabata night makes me feel extremely lonely. Without your snuggling, we can only miss our past more. Did I sin against God? The magpie fairy bridge has not been erected for us. We stand on both sides of the Tianhe River, only silent blessings deep thoughts!
My heart is your umbrella: sunny day, to shield you from the sun; rainy day, to shield you from the rainstorm; cloudy day, to shield you from the haze… Give it to you, remember to put it away!
It’s impossible to replace your mood with a sentence.
On the journey of our friendship, sometimes you can’t see me beside you. It’s not that I forgot you, nor that I chose to walk in front of you, but that our friendship has been burning for ever!
Lovely you stole my feelings and my heart. I decided to sue you in court. What crime should I convict you of? The judge went through all the criminal records and cases, and finally the jury unanimously passed: You’ll be mine for life.
Yes, please give me a distance. Distance is attractive. But don’t go too far! When I sink in pain or confusion, don’t let me hold your hand!
In the vast sea of people, to meet and fall in love with you is the biggest dream of my life. Let me realize my dream, let me deeply depict your shadow in my heart, I can not forget!
Achieve this story with your name and my surname. From then on, there will be no worries. The story is plain, but you are enough!
Your heart, my heart, met you and fell in love at first sight. Gentleman, my heart, fell in love with you, a lifetime of infatuation. You can rest assured that you have no ambition. Change heart for heart, never change heart, even if ten thousand arrows pierce heart!
Falling in love at first sight, goodbye infatuation, all day long painstaking, to get fragrant heart, painstaking, want to rush heart, do you mind, do not understand my heart!
Express sincere yearning in sincere language, exchange sincere expression for the dream of true love, and pray for true happiness with sincere expectation: If you want, please join hands with me into the harbour of happiness.
Your jokes are the antidote to my troubles; your unreasonable troublemaking just makes love more relaxed; I understand your good, know your wonderful, more need to express, say I love you, wish you laugh every day!
When the wind is no longer chasing clouds, when the ice is no longer melting water, when the fire is no longer hot, when the stone is no longer hard, when there is no love in the world, I can stop loving you…
Life is an illusion, but I need you by my side.
I want to build a cabin in your heart. I am happy to wave my fist and cheer there. I am sad and hide from crying. In front of the house there is a small road house and behind it there is a bamboo plant. Is there any room in your mind that you can rent?
You are like a mirror, destined to live with you; you are like a flower, loving you to hide nowhere; you are like green water, my love only chases you; you are like the blue sky, you are mad at the sight of you. Love you, love you!
Love makes people forget time and time makes people forget love.
The fire of love ignited in our hearts, and from then on we will be melted together.
There is no mountain higher than man, no road longer than foot, no greeting more sincere, no blessing warmer than this, and no text message faster than this is delivered to you in the first time, that is, because nothing is more important than you!
Meeting you and me is a kind of fate. We cherish this hard-won feeling with each other. I hope I can accompany you all my life in the future.
The original waiting can also be so beautiful, because love you.
Don’t insist on your persistence. Don’t let me wait indefinitely. Don’t let me see your persistence. It will make me more distressed because of your pain.
I like you so much. I like your nose, I like your eyes, and I like the way you often get angry with me. Really like you!
I love you. I love you with all my heart. I have you all my life. My thoughts are only for you. I wish you all the best, pure, beautiful and beautiful. Dear, I love you forever.
If living is God’s greatest destiny for me, then living with you will be God’s greatest gift in my mission.
Actually, the person who has always cared about you is right beside you. Didn’t you find out?
I accidentally sent you “I love you” by mistake. If you accept it, store it. If you don’t accept it, send back the three words to me.
If you love someone, you must believe that you can give her the greatest happiness!
I’m going to surround you with the gentle wind…
I want to sublimate the short poems I love to you into long life prose.
Only you know my emotions, and only you can bring them to me.
No matter how long you may live in the future, I will accompany you to the end. I will accompany you to live together, and I will accompany you to die! Because I know you are afraid of loneliness. Even at the end of the world, I will be with you.
You are the shore, I am the boat, you are the sun, I turn for you, happiness can be calculated with you, give me the world is not changed.
I would like to spend 10 million years waiting for your warm sunny smile in the early spring.
To love a person is to hear his voice; to love a person is to see his face; to love you, does not need to be ornamented with gorgeous language; to love you, hide in my heart, warm in your heart!
To meet you is the greatest happiness for me.
You are the deepest feeling I can experience in my life!! vu99.com
If I could, I would like to spend every minute and second of my life with you.
I love you. For me, bread in the morning, bananas in the evening, garlic from Shandong, and pepper from Sichuan.
Weather forecast: I miss you a little from tonight to tomorrow morning. I expect that I will continue to miss you in the afternoon. Affected by this low mood, I will turn into a big one in the evening. My mood will be reduced by five degrees. I expect this kind of weather will last till I see you.
If the cup is full of water, another drop will flow out. It’s better to pour out all the water and the cup. Maybe it won’t flow out this time until eternity.
Not afraid that he will follow, but afraid that my heart will not follow my footsteps.
My home is very big and big. It’s no problem for dozens of people to eat and live together. But my heart is very small and small. It’s crowded into a place that can only accommodate you just now.
Do you love me? If so, please assume all the obligations of love, that is, think of me more every day, love me more every day, care more every day, contact more every day, dream more every day, must be completed yo!
Ask you a silly question. What should I do if I like you?
It’s you. Let me know. I am a man. It’s you, let me know, I want to be myself, not in disguise. It’s not the sissy who is low-pitched in front of others in order to survive! So, I unconsciously fell in love with you!
If you are by my side, I will marry you; if there is an afterlife, I want you to marry me; if you walk by me, I will not miss you.
The only thing I didn’t do well was to say “I love you”.
I love you! For your happiness, I am willing to give up everything – including you!
You know that my loneliness for a hundred years is just waiting for you alone, and the love songs for a thousand nights are only singing for you alone.
Marry me! After marrying me, I am the second happiest person in the world, because you are the first happiest person in the world.
Flower happiness is red, leaf happiness is green, sky and sea happiness is blue, I give you happiness will be colorful.

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